Sewers or sewerage?

What's the difference between sewers and a sewerage system?

What's stormwater?

Stormwater is rain which has run off hard surfaces such as roofs, roads and carparks. Stormwater is not treated and the water ends up in streams and harbours.

Why is my water out?

Water supply interruptions are either planned or unplanned

Wastewater or sewage?

Confused by all the different words for wastewater?

Stormwater or wastewater?

What's the difference between stormwater and wastewater?

How long will my water be off for?

Most water main bursts are fixed within a couple of hours. However, a range of factors can affect how long it takes

Why do I need to stay out of flood water?

It's best to stay well clear of any floodwater. There's a good chance that the floodwater is not clean as it may be contaminated with wastewater or surface pollution. There may also be unseen hazards lurking under the floodwater such as open manholes (where the manhole cover has been lifted away), ditches or obstructions such as trees or debris.

What's a toby?

A toby is the water shut-off valve, generally located at the boundary of your property, that sits between the council water main and your private water pipe. 

Are insinkerators good for the environment?

Looking at installing an insinkerator? You may want to think again...

Why is my water brown?

It’s likely that work on the pipes in your area has dislodged some silt from inside of the pipes.