Auckland’s water crisis – can it happen here?

16 / Mar / 2017

Auckland’s current water crisis begs the question, could a severe weather event result in a similar problem for our area? Thankfully, the answer is that it’s unlikely due to how we source and manage our water

Discharge from Moa Point Wastewater Treatment Plant (Wellington)

16 / Mar / 2017

Last night there was a discharge of untreated wastewater from the Moa Point Wastewater Treatment Plant due to equipment failure

Where’s the water going?

10 / Mar / 2017

Not all the water that’s treated and sent on its way to Wellington’s central business district (CBD) arrives where it should

Lower Hutt water supply - chlorination stopped

07 / Feb / 2017

All water quality tests of the Lower Hutt network have come back clear for the third day since the chlorination of the supply began.

Test results - Lower Hutt water quality

05 / Feb / 2017

Test results on Lower Hutt’s water supply have come back all clear.